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Fabrice Peltier

Shop for packaging innovations with Fabrice Peltier

To meet consumer expectations and comply with new regulations, the packaging industry is undergoing major changes.

Fabrice Peltier invites you to explore the innovations that will allow you to make your "packaging" transition. At the end of each visit, he will spend time with you around a signing session for his latest book: The Packaging Revolution.

Fabrice Peltier

Wednesday June 9, 2021: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Thursday June 10, 2021: 3:30pm-4:30pm

Prod&Pack the French show for the packaged products of tomorrow

Prod&Pack / 16-17-18 November 2021 / Eurexpo Lyon

Fabrice Peltier will also talk to you about Prod & Pack, the packaged product ecosystem show... a great opportunity to talk about "Packaging Transition". It encompasses all sectors from product manufacturing to end-of-life management: recycling, reuse...

Fabrice Peltier's book

La révolution de l'emballage

La révolution de l'emballage
Première période - L'émergence de nouvelles solutions

The packaging revolution
First period - The emergence of new solutions

In this first period of the packaging revolution, I invite you to observe without bias the emerging trends in the main families of packaging materials.

Each has advantages, but also disadvantages.
Some packaging is already on the market, others in the industrialization phase, or, for the more "breakthrough", still in prototype stage...

Discover an inventory of the packaging, trends as well as innovative and prospective avenues.