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Rennes - 10-11-12 March 2020

Hygienic design - EHEDG

PCH 2020

If food security is priceless,
hygienic design has its own price!

Because hygiene in food factories is an absolute necessity, equipment manufacturers daily develop solutions to ensure the safety of food processes.
EHEDG France and CFIA are honoring these efforts by awarding the "Hygienic Design Award" (PcH) for the fourth year.

Evaluated by an international jury of experts, the applications will be evaluated according to various criteria of innovation and hygienic design.

The winner will be announced at the CFIA and the prize
will be awarded by the President of EHEDG France.

Do you want to add value to your company's know-how and innovation in hygienic design?

So, the PCH is for you!

Deadline for submission of applications to January 31, 2020