Important info the CFIA Rennes is postponed to May 26, 27 & 28, 2020

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Rennes - 26-27-28 May 2020

Hygienic design - EHEDG

PCH 2020

If food security is priceless,
hygienic design has its own price!

Because hygiene in food factories is an absolute necessity, equipment manufacturers daily develop solutions to ensure the safety of food processes.
EHEDG France and CFIA are honoring these efforts by awarding the "Hygienic Design Award" (PcH) for the fourth year.

Evaluated by an international jury of experts, the applications will be evaluated according to various criteria of innovation and hygienic design.

Trophy presentation: Wednesday 27 May from 5.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
(Espace Agora between halls 7 and 8)
The three nominated companies will present their product. The winner will be announced.

Presentation of the candidates

Cryo Injecteur CB 3
Hall 2 Stand D11

Air Liquide
Product title: Cryo Injecteur CB 3

The purpose of this cryogenic injector is to cool the food ingredients during mixing, kneading or kneading operations. It incorporates the latest EHEDG recommendations in terms of hygiene: stainless steel, self-sealing and easy to clean.

L-Rix : réfractomètre en ligne
Hall 2 Stand F8

Anton Paar France
Product title: L-Rix: online refractometer

This online refractometer uses a state-of-the-art optical system that extends its useful life, increases its reliability and safety, and reduces expenses. Once set in the factory, it provides the simplicity "install and forget" and many years of continuous operation.

Ensacheuse Peseuse Mobile (EPM)
Hall 6 Stand C5.D4

APIA Technologie
Product title: Ensacheuse Peseuse Mobile (EPM)

The EPM conditions pre-doses of ingredients to avoid the storage of opened bags at the foot of the machines. Hygienic design, it is mobile and removable for easy and quick cleaning. EPM also improves productivity, ensures compliance with recipes and reduces arduous work.

Osmoseur Eau Ingrédient
Hall 8 Stand C24.B23

Product title: Osmoseur Eau Ingrédient

As the ingredient water is qualified as a foodstuff, the reverse osmosis unit must respond to risk control in terms of health safety for the food industry. The equipment was therefore designed with the aim of integrating and implementing the design rules of the EHEDG.

Access Double Flux
Hall 7 Stand A12.B11

Product title: Access Double Flux

This all stainless steel air conditioner, hygienic design allows to control ventilation, temperature and humidity in production premises in the food industry. It performs the functions of temperature maintenance, air humidity control and air mixing.

Pure Cleaning
Hall 10 Stand D1

Product title: Pure Cleaning

Pure Cleaning is a solution dedicated to the optimization of Cleaning In Place (CIP) processes in the food industry, designed by InUse and Elodys International, resulting in significant water savings and improvements in quality of CIPs in many production sites.