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CFIA - Rennes June 8-9-10 2021 - Parc expo - Rennes airport
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Usine agro du futur

In 2021, CFIA welcomes transition(s)

Welcome to the era of transitions - environmental, digital, and in the energy, HR, and food sectors... Explore skill adaptation, automation, and new manufacturing processes at the Agro du Futur dedicated space.

More than forty companies and technical centres are taking part to offer visitors a new set of innovative demonstrators at the heart of "The Factory in transition(s)", co-piloted by Bretagne Développement Innovation & Valorial.

Innovations in the three areas

The showroom

A food-processing production line in operation

Faced with the requirements and needs of consumers, increasingly unpredictable markets, and the challenge of feeding everyone on the planet, the food-processing sector must constantly adapt and develop its production lines to remain competitive.

This is the backdrop for Usine Agro du Futur’s "transitional" production line.

This will cover 5 operational levels that are relevant to the manufacturing sector. The event was created by 22 manufacturing partners from western France, mostly from Brittany.

Operators will equip themselves with the elements necessary for the proper functioning of a factory in times of crisis.

Discover the innovative technologies around the production line by watching the video below:

  • Fillpack
  • Bizerba Luceo
  • Photon Lines
  • Pole Cristal
  • E-Cobot
  • Bobet
  • Gilac


Fillpack is a manufacturing equipment supplier based in Briec (29). It integrates dosing equipment for the production of salad dressings.

Bizerba Luceo

Bizerba Luceo is a manufacturing equipment supplier based in Vern sur Seiche (35). It works with an optical inspection machine and an ejection station for mixed salad trays leaving the central kitchen.

Photon Lines

Photon Lines is a designer of optical solutions based in St Grégoire (35). It integrated a pre-kitchen inspection module for tomato slices from the osmofood process...

Pole Cristal


E-Cobot is a manufacturing automation technology supplier based in Rennes (44). It presents a mobile AIV (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle) robot




  • TMS Studio - BCOM
  • Actemium
  • B-com
  • Altenov

TMS Studio - BCOM

E-Mage-In-3D specialises in digitisation, 3D modelling, and innovative multimedia products, and is based in Camaret (29). It presents a combination that integrates sensors to measure in real time the ergonomics of workstations during various operator tasks. IRT B-COM has integrated sensor technologies with cognitive science in order to assess the mental stress of operators at various workstations. This is all integrated into TMS Studio...


Actemium is an industrial integrator based in Rennes (35). It equips line operators with a tablet that enables them to ensure production according to the protocols in place, to make the right decisions in real time, and to develop skills: "0 paper" workshop...




(OET, CIP, ID, FTCI and LAb4i): Altenov is a manufacturing equipment supplier/integrator based in Betton (35). It is presenting an innovative Osmofood process...

  • Adiv


  • Guelt
  • Pack Alim
  • ASV Packaging
  • ASV Packaging


Guelt is a manufacturing equipment supplier based in Quimperlé (29. It integrates modular IZIpick packaging equipment with a focus on "0 plastic" packaging...

Pack Alim

ASV Packaging


  • Groupe API

Groupe API

Group API is a manufacturing integrator based in Yffiniac (22). It works on the interconnection of all production line equipment in a MES hypervision system that showcases the Factory 4.0 aspect.


Built on successful experiences in Grenoble and Saclay, CEA Tech has 4,500 employees responsible for innovating in the service of industry. CEA Tech has a very wide range of generic technologies from its three Leti, List and Liten institutes, as well as from other CEA operational departments and its regional platforms.
CEA Tech Bretagne: dedicated to the agri-food and farming processes of the future, the new technology transfer platform aims to strengthen the competitiveness of manufacturers located in Brittany. In addition, in 2018, it specialized in the agri-food and agriculture processes of the future.
Financed by the Brittany Region, the Department of Finistère, Quimper Bretagne Occidentale as well as the European Regional Development Fund FEDER, it set up in the innovation incubator.




Guillaume Briend - Bretagne Développemenbt Innovation -

4 satellite demonstrations

The Innovation Hub partners will present 4 demonstrations centred around production lines:

Solution: Direct – Analysis

Solina Group

Solution: Meatyl@b: innovative digital and food solutions for the delicatessen sector

Simulation and formulation portal that combines food (natural texturing ingredients) and digital (formulation assistance tools based on "cloud computing" and "big data" technologies) innovations to create "smart" food" solutions made using innovative vegetable protein solutions for delicatessen.

Result of the MEATyL@b project labelled by Valorial, presented by Solina, and winner of the 24th Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI-Régions).

Project partners: ACSystème, AVRIL, Hénaff, NOVELIOS, SOLINA, Inra (UR BIA, UMR IATE, I2M), ADRIA.


ADRIA Food Pack Solutions

Solution: Diag (The food transition factory)

Digital, food, environmental, and societal transitions question the models in place. Diag is an app developed by ADRIA Food Pack Solutions to support the food transition for food and packaging companies. Deliverables:

  • where is my company located?
  • ideas for things to do,
  • ideas for ways to accelerate.


Anne-Emmanuelle LE MINOUS, Food transition facilitator -


Solution: HPV, Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour: an innovative technology for the decontamination of food products, packaging, and work environments

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a strong oxidant. A generator vaporises it in compressed air to enable it to be more effectively disseminated and maximise its oxidizing effect. This technology can be used for the decontamination of work surfaces (workshops, insulators), dry and dehydrated products (flakes, powders, spices, cereals, nuts, etc.), aseptic packaging, process equipment, and storage areas after an intake of fruits and vegetables.

The advantages of a non-thermic solution:

  • A process that does not consume water: energy savings and sustainability,
  • Antimicrobial efficiency on plant cells and spores: microbiological safety of products and work environments,
  • A familiar chemical agent that is simple to handle and readily available,
  • User-friendly operating equipment: H2O2 dosage by mass and addition of compressed air.


Catherine STRIDE, Director of the West Region of the CTCPA -

Foodtech Village

CFIA 2020’s FoodTech Village brings together 13 start-ups and innovative companies that are exhibiting at the exhibition for the first time.

These companies present new solutions in equipment and processes, ingredients and intermediate food products, packaging and handling and even digitising.

Manufacturing and process environment planning
Maximise the value of your data
Equipment geolocation specialist
Fighting fraud & counterfeiting
Agency specialising in creative and online technologies
Laser-marking and micro-machining specialist
The eco-extraction solution
Using eco-design to promote the circular economy
Dummy food or the art
of pretending
Study and realization of industrial equipment goods


Innovation Hub
Innovation partners

The Usine Agro du Futur brings together stakeholders from Brittany and western France who support the food-processing sector in their innovation projects. These experts are grouped within the Innovation Hub.

ACT Food Bretagne
Biotech & Santé Bretagne
Photonics BRETAGNE
Pôle Cristal
cea tech

Contacts et coordination

Mercredi 9 juin 2021 / 10:30 - 12:30

Avec ses partenaires, Bretagne Développement Innovation et Valorial nous parlent de l’usine en transition(s) : environnementale, numérique, énergétique, humaine et alimentaire... des thèmes forts impliquant l’adaptation des compétences et de nouveaux process de fabrication pour les industriels.

A3D Concept is a consultancy that specialises in manufacturing and process environment planning. It uses 3D modelling and animation. These tools make the manufacturing process easy to understand and helps project holders make the right technical choices, both in terms of productivity and working conditions.
3D is also useful for limiting budget overruns due to the lack of projection. A3D Concept also offers a measurement service using 3D laser-scanners.

Denis ALLIO - Co-manager

Doptim specialises in using data projects, data analysis, AI algorithms, and software platforms to retrieve information and make decisions easier and faster.
The teams and connected machines create a lot of useful data that is often isolated in business software or paper files. Doptim's solution: the Teletim portal, which enables companies to analyse and exploit data more effectively. It enables a simple transition that makes the best use of the company's data by structuring the data that is essential to the decision-making process and automatically analysing it to highlight trends and establish predictive models that allow the business to react and become more agile.


InVirtus Technologies presents a geolocation and equipment traceability system for manufacturing environments. This covers all Indoor and Outdoor perimeters by relying on miniature sensors and relay terminals connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RFID, LoRA, and GPS. It provides a precise location within 3-5 metres for a signal transmission frequency that can be defined according to the customer's needs.
The software is compatible with existing RFID and Barcode technologies. It can adapt to all ERP configurations and offers numerous configurable options (interfacing to the client system, ad hoc reporting, etc.). This extremely user-friendly solution offers a Return on Investment (ROI) within around 6 months.

Frédéric BELHACHE - Managing Director

Olnica provides unique and innovative technological solutions to protect business and government property - including brands, products, and supply chains - and fight counterfeiting, fraud, embezzlement, and theft.
Olnica and its customers have built an authentication system that effectively protects their products and brand, and which covers their entire manufacturing process, in order to offer the most efficient system possible. Molecular DNA, specific fluorophores, connected detectors, cloud, digital traces: Olnica provides all the necessary authentication systems -both visible and invisible- from a simple control system to unique legal code tracers that can be used to prosecute counterfeiters.


Impulsion is a digital agency in Brittany that supports food-processing SMEs in their communication: digital strategy, website creation, SEO optimisation...
In 2020, Impulsion is launching the Agro Online project: a new sales channel for professionals in the food-processing sector. It connects the VIF ERP with an order-taking website (BtoB and BtoC). This ensures that all product, stock, and customer data are linked to an order-taking portal, and sales are automatically reflected in the ERP.

Gaël LECOINTRE - Agency Manager

QiOVA specialises in innovative laser marking and micromachining solutions. Laser tools are far more powerful than traditional tools. Laser is non-contact and flexible, and it is capable of marking or working on all types of materials, from metals to glasses, plastics, and multi-layer technical materials. QiOVA's expertise covers the entire photonic value chain, from the choice of laser to the manufacturing vision and the definition of the adapted process.
Laser marking solutions are typically used in the areas of traceability and anti-counterfeiting. QiOVA's patented technology offers unprecedented capabilities, such as the ability to mark dozens of datamatrixes per second on the fly, without losing readability, even on sub-millimetre sizes!  QiOVA's micro-machining solutions make it possible to work with all types of materials, combining unequalled productivity with micrometric precision.

Florent THIBAULT - Vice-President, Global Sales Marketing

Antofénol is a new company that uses an innovative eco-extraction process for the food-processing sector. It has developed an innovative eco-designed extract from vine by-products that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
Antofénol also presents an industrial eco-extraction service for a wide range of plants (wood, leaves, flowers, algae, fruits, etc.) using its unique sustainable technology.

François DE BEAUDRAP - Business Adviser

Donnons du sens and the Pôle Éco-conception help companies develop their innovations.
Donnons du Sens is based in Rennes and works throughout western France.
Its main roles are:

Régis COURTIN - Manager

Food dummy or the art of pretending
Scenery creation workshop created in 2004.

Structure on a human scale, located in the heart of the Brittany region and with international influence, whose know-how in the creation of tailor-made decorations is recognized (from the Château de Chambord and other national monuments to the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou, passing by by large food groups such as Eurial, Elvir-Corman, Coraya, Vahiné-Mc Cormick, Sodebo ...)

Leader in the production of food factices - custom-carved and designed in innovative composite materials - to meet new challenges: anti-waste / quality control / advertising / promotion of product launch / packaging / trade fairs / export ... The use of high-end dummy makes it possible to control costs (no need for a refrigerated display case, no costly waste, resistance to UV and to humidity or temperature conditions ...) while maintaining a high brand image thanks to a high-quality product. appearance always compliant and appetizing for customers.

An artistic, technological and eco-responsible approach, fictitious creations provide an original solution adapted to the development of companies.

Who is your structure for?
To the entire agri-food sector, advertising, event and window professionals, museums, castles, catering trades (MOF...) and many others!

Thibault CUEYSSAC - founder leader
+33 (0)2 99 06 59 40 - - instagram

Study and realization of industrial equipment goods

Premier Tech is one of the largest manufacturers of packaging line equipment in the world. The company is renowned for its state-of-the-art bagging machines and comprehensive lines of packaging products for both small and large-scale production. Its wide variety of products includes weigher-baggers and dosers, baggers, robotic palletizers, stretch film wrappers, stretch film hooders, conveyors, etc.
Premier Tech also offers solutions for the processing of bulk products and offers distinctive solutions for the food industry.
Who is your structure for?
Food industry: animal feed, dairy products, fresh and processed foods, bulk foods, seeds, grains, nuts.

Djemel Mezair - Sales Coordinator
+33 (0)6 09 48 55 01 -

Commissioned by the Regional Council of Brittany, the regional agency for economic development and innovation works alongside local economic players in promising sectors related to the energy, ecological, and digital transitions taking place in companies and areas

Valoral is the main network dedicated to collaborative innovation in the food-processing sector. It has 360 members and a community of more than 3,500 innovators.

Valorial’s main goal: to identify, set up, and support collaborative and innovative R&D projects in 5 areas: Food / nutrition / health; Food quality & safety; Production, transformation, & conservation technologies; Functional ingredients; Marketing.

ACT Food Bretagne is the alliance of the technological innovation centres (CIT) of food-processing companies in Brittany: ADRIA, VEGENOV, IDMER, CEVA, and ZOOPOLE développement.

4 of the 5 members of Act Food Bretagne are attending under their common banner:

The Association of Food-processing Companies in Brittany (French acronym: ABEA) defends and represents the interests of food-processing businesses in Brittany. It designs collective actions and events to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the sector.

Association of companies put forward by the Brittany Regional Council and the Brittany CCI to internationalise the local economy. BCI helps companies in Brittan to expand abroad and supports foreign investment projects in Brittany.

Biotech Santé Bretagne, your referent in Biotech and Health at the service of food companies.

As a Center for Technological Innovation, our thematic experts in Biotechnology and Health support the carriers of innovative projects from the idea to the market: regulatory, scientific and technological monitoring, prospective studies, technological advice, engineering projects, studies, feasibility support to Europe, promotion of innovations ...

With its skills and services, the center supports the development of biotech processes for food and food ingredients, in nutrition-health and in the valorization of biomasses and by-products.
Thanks to the technical days and networking meetings organized, Biotech Santé Bretagne promotes synergy between biotechnology players in Brittany, in particular through the Capbiotek network, for more innovation and competitiveness.

Technical Centre for the food-processing sector - Promotes product / process / packaging innovation via pilot tests, food safety (microbiology, packaging, nutrition), line industrialisation, advice, training.

Technological resource centre for the production sector; dedicated to the automation, robotisation, and traceability of industrial processes. The Maupertuis Institute helps companies assess and integrate productive technologies in their means of production.

Photonics Bretagne is an innovation hub with a technological portal. It supports innovation and economic development in the local photonics sector. The association helps SMEs integrate photonic technologies, provides technical expertise, and connects companies in the photonic sector with others in application fields, such as food processing.

Pôle Cristal is a centre of innovation in refrigeration and climatic engineering. It provides companies with expertise on all thermal technologies and those related to thermodynamics. It draws on a team of experienced technicians, engineers, and doctors, as well as the only such lab in Brittany. It helps manufacturers and service companies develop their innovations by providing tailor-made services: contractual research, tests & characterisation, advice and training...

Built on successful experiences in Grenoble and Saclay, CEA Tech has 4,500 employees responsible for innovating in the service of industry. CEA Tech has a very wide range of generic technologies from its three Leti, List and Liten institutes, as well as from other CEA operational departments and its regional platforms.
CEA Tech Bretagne: dedicated to the agri-food and farming processes of the future, the new technology transfer platform aims to strengthen the competitiveness of manufacturers located in Brittany. In addition, in 2018, it specialized in the agri-food and agriculture processes of the future.
Financed by the Brittany Region, the Department of Finistère, Quimper Bretagne Occidentale as well as the European Regional Development Fund FEDER, it set up in the innovation incubator.