Rennes - September 29, 30 and October 1, 2020

Thematic areas

Finding answers and solutions to the problems of a food-processing company.
Predicting trends and planning for the factory of the future.
These challenges will be analysed by experts and feature in demonstrations on targeted topics.

New!Strengthening the synergies between exhibitors and VSEs/SMEs

SME Thursday

More than 80% of VSEs and SMEs make up the majority of the French food-processing sector. CFIA offers these companies a day specifically dedicated to their needs, with targeted information and solutions. CFIA puts the expertise of its exhibitors at the service of VSEs and SMEs to reinforce the synergies between the sector’s stakeholders. The day will feature meetings and fruitful networking opportunities, followed by a conference led by a well-known figure.

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Discover, learn, get ideas...

The conferences

Finding answers and solutions to the problems of a food-processing company today. Exploring the factory of the future. Delving into future trends. All of these issues are addressed at CFIA 2020 conferences! The space staffed by professionals and experts at THE main exhibition for the food-processing sector covers current issues that challenge and invite reflection, the sharing of ideas, and follow-up. These provide clear insights into topics at the heart of challenges in the food-processing sector of today and the future!

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Identify the innovations in the changing factory

The food-processing factory of the future!

Every year sees a focus on a topic of interest to the sector, with an overview of innovative solutions, demonstrations, and in situ applications by suppliers and experts. A space designed to better understand the challenges of the future, at the service of manufacturing excellence!

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An effective analysis tool for the future of our plates

Food trends and creations area

Consumers are concerned about ingredients and quality, and they are looking for naturalness and convenience... these trends inspire innovation when it comes to the products companies are developing. PAI Club has partnered with the Food trends and creations area to present an analysis of innovations and the future of our plates. The exhibitors’ innovative products help to identify the major evolutions by exploring new flavours and the “eating better” trend.

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Innovation drives growth for food-processiong companies

Trophées de l'innovation (innovation awards)

This showcase of the year’s innovations in food processing provides a 360° overview of the latest products. The Trophées de l’Innovation are a unique opportunity to recognise the major role played by manufacturing suppliers, who demonstrate year after year that the sector has a lot to offer!

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Jobs and training: a gateway between students and manufacturers

Work In Agro

The food-processing sector is the top French manufacturing sector both in terms of turnover and jobs. According to Ania, 21,000 jobs are available. Transmission is also an important issue in factories. It is important to promote the available jobs and training programmes to young people. They need easier access to skills and opportunities. Work in Agro is an area dedicated to connecting young people with businesses. The goal is to provide an effective network with the opportunity for instant dialogue between manufacturers and students. With Work in Agro, the food-processing sector is recruiting and letting it be known!

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Hygiene and safety of food processes

Hygienic design - EHEDG

If food security is priceless, hygienic design has its own price!
Because hygiene in food factories is an absolute necessity, equipment manufacturers daily develop solutions to ensure the safety of food processes.
EHEDG France and CFIA are honoring these efforts by awarding the "Hygienic Design Award" (PcH) for the fourth year.

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