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Modules éditoriaux

Young people in the agri-food industry, training and recruitment, the field of possibilities! 

On Thursday 16 March 2023, the CFIA Rennes will host TV Rennes in Hall 11 for an exceptional show on attractiveness and employment.

Through observations, perspectives and solutions, our experts, daily actors in the agri-food business who shape and grow our youth, provide an overview of these industries. 

A show hosted by Stephane Besnier.



Notable personalities 

Loïg Chesnais-Girard (Bretagne Region President) Sébastien Gillet (GL events'  Director), Frédéric Sévignon (Pôle emploi), Thierry Geffroy (Samsic), Marie-Laure Collet (Apec), Jean Michel le Roscouet (lycee de la Providence), Amelie Bazire (Hello Work), Eric Challant Belval (Medef), Cecile Boulaire (Manageria), Pierre Calvez (Mix Buffet), a student and Christine Toumoulin (IUT Rennes)


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