Exhibitors 2021


  • Packing & Conditionning
    • Wrapping equipment
      • Under controlled atmosphere fist wrap
        • Microwave oven packaging filling machine
        • First wrap
        • Tightness checks
        • Pouch or bagging machine
      • Analyses, tests, monitoring and measurements
        • Various electronic devices and equipment
        • Weight, content, volume or level control devices
        • Productivity or quality control.
        • Temperature-control devices
        • Foreign objects or contamination detection
        • Laboratory, optical and precision equipment
        • Scratch and abrasion resistance measurements
        • Measuring of coating thickness
        • Accuracy check , measurement and control device
        • Measurement and colours check device
        • Sorting out bottles
        • Checkweigher
      • Conveying, manutention
        • Belt conveyors
        • Conveyors, handling systems
        • Recycle transport and sales packaging
        • Continuous handling equipment and systems
        • Pneumatic transfer system
      • First wrap
        • Lateral film shrink wrapping machines or devices
        • Stacking un-stacking blister or cover unit
        • Capping machines
        • Encapsulation machines
        • Screw caps and caps sealing machines
        • Sealing machines
        • Pasteurization, sterilization
        • Cans crimping machines
        • Resistance welding
        • Thermosealling machines
      • Flexible packaging first wrap
        • Liquid pouch or bag filling
        • Wrapping or overwrapping
      • Full automated wrapping lines for
        • Filling lines
        • Machines for small electrical appliances
        • Machines for backery products
        • Machines for cosmetics products
        • Machines for tools product and mechanical parts
        • Machines for powders
        • Machines for current(domestic) chemical products
        • Machines for care products
        • Machines for milk and dairy products
        • Machines for medical products and hospital equipment.
        • Machines for pharmaceutical products
        • Machines for agrochemical products
        • Flexible packaging system
        • Thermoforming, filling and sealing machines
      • Machines for manufacturing packaging material and container
        • Cardboard boxes or cases machines
        • Plastic packaging manufacturing
        • Food barrels, drums
        • Large capacity bags.
      • Packaging material
        • Second hand machines and equipment
      • Packaging material
        • Multihead weighers.
      • Palletizing , pallet storage, dispatch
        • Strapping machines
        • Agv, lgv automatic forklift
        • Automotive handling trucks, forklift trucks
        • Works trucks, trailers, trolleys
        • Automatic pallet feeders and pallet stacker
        • Logistic equipment
        • Shrink wrapper
        • Warehouses, storage areas
        • Embedded computing applications
        • Stock management software
        • Mechanical handling for non-packaged products
        • Reception, preparation, storage
        • Palletizers (all types)
        • Mezzanines, mezzanine floors or platforms
        • Industrial automatic doors
        • Preparation of orders, picking solutions
        • Logistics service providers
        • Pallets turner
        • Retracted pallet film machine
        • Palletizing handling robots
        • Software and hardware equipment for document storage
        • Storage racks, storage systems, pallets handling
        • Lifting tables and platforms
        • Pallet forklift-trucks and stackers
        • Automatic pallet cranes
      • Printing, marking and identification machines
        • Automated workflow and optical character recognition and print on demand applications
        • Labels and tape displays
        • Laser printing
        • Printing, coding and marking devices
        • Ink-jet printing
        • Printing, embossing and cutting devices for labels
        • Thermal-transfer printing
        • Reading and identification technologies
      • Product and containers preparation (before filling)
        • Cleaning machines and equipment
        • Overpressure and under pressure drying and cleaning
        • Sterilized packaging material
      • Recovery and recycling of packaging waste
        • Industrial cleaning
        • Recovery or packaging material recycling
        • Treatment and disposal of waste
      • Second wrap
        • Staplers
        • Hot melt devices
        • Tray forming and leading machines with or without shrink device
        • Gluing devices
        • Folder-gluers carboard machines
        • Case packer
        • Cold gluing
        • Stretch hooding machines
        • Second wrap machines
        • Packing robots
      • Wrapping machines and equipment
        • First wrap rigid packaging solutions
        • First wrap flexible packaging
        • Co-packing, copacker
        • Form, fill and sealing machines
        • Automated and robotized production lines.
        • Labelling machines and accessories
        • Grocery products
        • Machine for fresh products
        • Handling robots in wrapping areas
        • Full automated wrapping machines
      • Wrapping machines and lines components
        • Accumulators
        • Control systems
        • Safety light curtain
        • Sensors
        • Compressed air components
        • Conveyor components
        • Torque control
        • Belts
        • Detection, tracking devices
        • Operating elements
        • Regulation elements
        • Electric and pneumatic motors
        • Mechanical parts and components
        • Gear speed reducers
        • Electrical relays
        • Electric heating resistors
        • Linear positioning systems
        • Safety components and systems
        • Variable and differential speed drives
        • Suction valves
        • Air cylinders and electrical linear motor
      • Wrapping machines and lines components
        • Advice and services supports
    • Packaging
      • Machines for manufacturing packaging material and container
        • Folding and cardboard printing
      • Packaging material
        • Adhesives and glues
        • Aluminium plates or coils; hot-rolled or cold-rolled
        • Plates and dishes
        • Cases
        • Trays
        • Storage drums: plastic and metal containers
        • Blister pack
        • Glass jars
        • Boxes
        • Plastic casing for cosmetic,etc…
        • Bottles, container and tetrapacks
        • Cases
        • Shipping cases
        • Isothermal boxes and
        • Crates
        • Bag in box packaging
        • Rigid pallet containers, pallet-boxes
        • Wardrobe boxes
        • Crates with liquid barrier
        • Folding boxes cases
        • Stackable swap bodies, cases
        • Paper tray
        • Wedging element
        • Lead foil capsules, sealing caps
        • Cardboard
        • Photopolymer plates
        • Boxes
        • Opaque and transparent complex structure films
        • Single-dose packs
        • Containers
        • Cords and twines
        • Cones
        • Cups
        • Easy-opening bags
        • Tanks
        • Second wrap
        • Promotional material and packaging
        • Packaging for restaurant and catering services
        • Inks
        • Labels
        • Case
        • Strip steel
        • Shrink or stretch film wrappers for palletized loads
        • Thermoforming films
        • Plastic sheets, films and plates
        • Cups, small pots, plastic goblets, etc.
        • Jerrycan
        • Labelling sleeves
        • Sleeves
        • Coding and marking
        • Complex structure films
        • Complex structured films (plastics)
        • Air packed or vacuum packaged materials
        • Multipack packaging
        • Operculum, caps, lid
        • All pallets, chep, euro, wood, plastic…
        • Handling baskets
        • pill dispensers
        • Fruit and vegetables trays or displays
        • Point of sales (pos) and promotion items
        • Pockets
        • Cups
        • Food products
        • Fresh products
        • Shelving units, shelfs
        • Adhesive tapes
        • Small, medium and large bags capacity
        • t-shirt bags
        • Carrier bags
        • Plastic freezer bag.
        • Small, medium and large bags capacity
        • Plastic bags bundle packets
        • Buckets
        • Tubes
  • Equipment & Processes
    • Equipments
      • Environment protection, resource management
        • Environmental protection
        • Soil treatment
      • Full automated production lines
        • Handling robots in process areas
        • Automated and robotized production process lines.
      • Handling
        • Process conveyors (ss)
        • Modular belt conveyors
        • Pneumatic transport
        • Power driven winches and hoists
        • Manipulator arms
        • Plastic and metal cistern or tank
      • Hygiene
        • Disinfecting, cleaning
        • Material and equipment for desinsectisation
        • Cip cleaning systems
        • Clean design
        • Disinfection solutions for legionellosis
        • Bacteriological treatment for industrial rinsing and process water
        • Cleaning solutions for ground service equipment
        • Cleaning and sterilization solutions for tools, parts
        • Industrial washing machines
        • Industry vacuum cleaners or suction extraction installations.
      • Industrial supplies.
        • Site equipment and industrial supplies
        • Stainless steel
        • Pumps
        • Components
        • Stainless steel components for special machines
        • Engines, gearboxes, variators
        • Volumetric pumps
        • Container, bin, tank
        • Flexible hoses and connectors (fittings)
        • Taps and fittings, valves
        • Heat exchangers
        • Floor ,ceilings and wall coverings
        • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
        • Cutting tools and sharpening solutions
        • Industrial doors
        • Vacuum pumps / roots-type vacuum roughing pumps
        • Tightness
        • Compressor
        • Nozzles and spraying systems
        • Floor, ceiling, wall or partition
        • Agri-food building insulation
        • Vibrators industrial
        • Industrial lighting
        • Industrial vacuum units
        • industrial belts
        • Extrusion - injection
        • Industrial gases
        • Device for emptying a barrel containing
        • Tank protection and high pressure process lines
        • Lubricant, lubrication
        • Second-hand equipment
        • Centrifugal pumps, centrifugal pumps with magnetic coupling
        • Wire products.
        • Release coatings for food industry
        • Vacuum dryers, mills and grinders dryers
        • Pelletizers
        • Oil extraction
        • Inerting system solutions
        • Modular constructions
        • Rupture disks
        • Furniture and storage solutions for industrial buildings
        • hvac (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), air filtration
        • Textile rental and cleaning services, sale of professional clothing
        • lockers and change rooms
      • Manufacturing quality control and optimizing manufacturing processes
        • Traceability system and process
        • X-ray detectors
        • Sampling, sample collection
        • Check weighing, sorting or weighing machines.
        • Multihead weighers.
        • Volumetric dosing
        • Labelling machines and accessories
      • Process control, monitoring and instrumentation
        • Various tools and equipment
        • Laboratory instruments
        • On-line measurements
        • Pressure, temperature, flow measurements instruments
      • Production of heat and cooling, energy, electricity
        • Methanization units (material and equipment)
        • Industrial refrigeration, cooling
        • Electricity
        • Energy production and industrial fluid systems
        • Energy production (generic)
        • Compressed air
        • Steam generation boilers, steam production
        • Energy recovery
    • Process
      • Handling
        • Mechanical handling for bulk product
        • Pneumatic transfer system
      • Industrial process it
        • It systems, computer systems and facilities.
      • Process and production equipment (for)
        • Material and equipment for elaboration of sausages and salt-products
        • Material and equipment for meat
        • Material and equipment for elaboration of bakery products
        • Shaking mixers, stirrers, agitator
        • Material and equipment for fresh fisch transformation and salted or pickled fisch products
        • Material and equipment for manufactured products
        • Material and equipment for fruit and vegetable
        • Material and equipment for milk, liquids semi-liquid form
        • Material and equipment for cutting, slicing and fragmentation
        • Oven and equipment for cooking
        • Material and equipment for animal feeding
        • Material and equipment for grinding and micronizing
        • Material and equipment for pancakes, nems and blinis
        • Material and equipment for defrost frozen foods
        • Material and equipment for spinning, centrifuging, separation
        • Material and equipment for microbiology fermentation and natural fermentation and maturation
        • Material and equipment for aviculture
        • Specialized sources and materials for shops, collective and commercial catering sector
        • Harvest, slaughter equipment
        • Clapping or corking of bottles
        • Scale ice machines
        • On-line scrapper, oscillating scraper
        • Bag closing machines
        • Refining unit
  • Ingredients & Intermediate food products
    • Ingredients
      • Food additives
        • Alginate
        • Group of antioxidants
        • Group of preservatives.
        • Carbonates
        • Acidifier
        • Food colouring
        • Sweeteners
        • Flavour enhancer
        • Emulsifying agents
        • Thickener
        • Gelling agent
        • Firming agent
        • Foaming agents
        • Bulking agents
        • Coating agents
        • Modified starches
        • Moistening agents
        • Baking powder or raising agents
        • Melting salts
        • Stabilizers
        • Antifoam agent
        • Anti-caking agents
        • Flour-treatment agents
        • Acidity regulator
        • All other food additives
      • Fermented food
        • Lactic cultures
      • Flavours
        • Thermal process flavourings
        • Smoke flavourings
        • Natural flavours
        • Other flavours
        • Natural flavouring substances
        • Flavouring substances
        • Aromatic flavours
      • Bacteria, enzymes and yeast
        • Enzymes
        • Meat ferments
        • Probiotics
        • Protein
      • Cereals
        • Other cereals
        • Sorghum
        • Barley
        • Rice
        • Corn
        • Wheat
        • Oat
        • Rye
      • Salt
        • Chloride
        • Salt
        • Silicates
        • Sulphates
        • Other salt
      • Vinegar
        • Alcohol vinegar
        • Wine vinegar
        • Balsamic vinegars and similar
        • All other vinegars
      • Spices
        • Garlic
        • Peanut
        • Fetid ase or assa foetida (resin)
        • Celery
        • Turmeric (rhizome)
        • Shallot
        • Ginger (rhizome)
        • Onion
        • Horseradish
        • Licorice
        • Wasabi
        • Zédoaire (rhizome)
        • Absinthe
        • Ache
        • Dill
        • Balsam
        • Basil
        • Borage
        • Cinnamon (and case)
        • Celery
        • Chervil
        • Chive
        • Citronella
        • Kaffir lime leaves
        • Coriander
        • Tarragon
        • Fennel
        • Laurel
        • Lovage
        • Marjoram
        • Melissa
        • Mint
        • Myrtle
        • Star anise
        • Bergamot
        • Cardamom
        • Lemon
        • Combava
        • Cubeb
        • Juniper berry
        • Mahaleb
        • Nutmeg (and mace)
        • Paprika
        • Chilli pepper
        • Allspice or allspice
        • Sumach
        • Tamarisk
        • Vanilla
        • Ajowan
        • Almond
        • Dill (diakène)
        • Anise
        • Annatto (or annatto)
        • Green anise (diakene)
        • Cocoa
        • Cardamom
        • Caraway
        • Celery (diakène)
        • Coriander (diakène)
        • Cumin ()
        • Fenugreek
        • Tonka bean (or coumarou)
        • Fennel ()
        • Maniguette
        • Mustard
        • Nigella
        • Poppy
        • Pepper
        • Sesame
        • Soumbala
        • Galbulus
        • Juniper berry
        • Other spices
        • Bouquet garni
        • Herbs
        • Herbs of provence
        • Allspice
      • Flour
        • Soft wheat flours
        • Ewe flour or spelled flour
        • Spelt flour
        • Wheat semolina
        • Bran
        • Wholemeal flour
        • Durum wheat flour
        • Farine attack
        • Cinnamone flour
        • Chestnut flour
        • Flour of yam chips
        • Flour of beans
        • Fermenting flour
        • Oatmeal flour
        • Bean flour
        • Flour of milk
        • Flour of lentils
        • Flax flour
        • Kamut flour
        • Corn flour
        • Malt flour
        • Cassava flour
        • Millet flour
        • Coconut flour
        • Chick pea flour
        • Potato flour
        • Quinoa flour
        • Rice flour
        • Rice bran
        • Buckwheat flour
        • Rye flour
        • Soy flour
        • Barley flour
        • Flour of urad
        • Other flours
      • Minerals
        • Calcium
        • Magnesium
        • Phosphorus
        • Potassium
        • Sodium
        • Sulphur
        • Trace element
      • Fruit
        • Hazelnut
        • Nuts
        • Lemon
        • Clementine
        • Kiwi
        • Mandarin
        • Orange
        • Nuts
        • Pears
        • Apples
        • Chestnuts
        • Dates
        • Strawberries
        • Raspberries
        • Melons
        • Mirabelle
        • Blackberry
        • Blueberries
        • Peaches
        • Plums
        • Grapes
        • Quinces
        • Lawyer
        • Persimmons
        • Apricots
        • Almonds
        • Cherries
        • Nectarines
        • Cassis
        • Currants
        • Watermelons
        • Papaya
        • Bananas
        • Dates
        • Mango
        • Pineapple
        • Other fruits
      • Vegetables
        • Artichoke
        • Asparagus
        • Eggplant
        • Bette (chard, poirée)
        • Beetroot
        • Broccoli
        • Carrot
        • Celery (celery or celeriac)
        • Cabbage
        • Common cabbage (cabbage, kale, white cabbage, red cabbage ...)
        • Cauliflower
        • Palm heart
        • Zucchini
        • Endive
        • Spinach
        • Fennel
        • Beans (green beans or butter beans)
        • Turnip
        • Leek
        • Rhubarb
        • Pepper (green pepper, yellow pepper, or red pepper)
        • Salad
        • Salsify
        • Tomato
        • Other vegetables
      • Pulses
        • Dry beans (phaseolus spp.)
        • Common bean (phaseolus vulgaris)
        • Lima bean (phaseolus lunatus)
        • Azuki bean (vigna angularis)
        • Mung bean or green soy (vigna radiata)
        • Urd bean or black soy (vigna mungo)
        • Spanish bean (phaseolus coccineus)
        • Rice bean (vigna umbellata)
        • Butterfly bean (vigna aconitifolia)
        • Tepari bean (phaseolus acutifolius)
        • Dry beans (vicia faba)
        • Lupine (lupine spp.)
        • Dry peas or split pea (pisum spp.)
        • Chickpea (cicer arietinum)
        • Chickpea (cicer arietinum)
        • Cultivated lentil (lens culinaris)
        • Other dried vegetables and pulses
      • Herbs
        • Lemon
        • Garlic
        • Bear's garlic
        • Dill
        • Angelic
        • Anise (green anise or star anise)
        • Wormwood
        • Badiane
        • Basil
        • Borage
        • Cinnamon
        • Caper
        • Nasturtium
        • Cardamom
        • Caraway
        • Celery
        • Chervil
        • Musky chervil
        • Spring onion
        • Chive
        • Lemongrass
        • Coriander
        • Cress
        • Watercress
        • Cumin
        • Turmeric
        • Shallot
        • Tarragon
        • False pepper
        • Fennel
        • Fenugreek
        • Juniper
        • Ginger
        • Clove
        • Hop
        • Hyssop
        • Laurel
        • Lovage
        • Marjoram
        • Melissa
        • Mints (including green mint)
        • Bergamot mint
        • Other mints
        • Kinky mint
        • Scented mint or 'mint with round leaves' (mentha suaveolens)
        • Pepper mint
        • Pennyroyal mint
        • Bergamot
        • White mustard
        • Brown mustard
        • Nutmeg
        • Nigella grown
        • Onion
        • Oregano
        • Parsley
        • Allspice
        • Chilies
        • Leek
        • Peppers
        • Sichuan pepper
        • Pepper maniguette
        • Pink pepper from brazil
        • Peruvian pink pepper
        • Horseradish
        • Roucou
        • Rosemary
        • Saffron
        • Savory
        • Sage
        • Sesame
        • Sumac of the rulers
        • Tamarind
        • Tansy
        • Thyme
        • Vanilla
        • Fragrant verbena
        • Other spices
        • Bouquet garni
        • Herbs
        • Herbs of provence
        • Allspice
      • Vitamins
        • Vitamin a or retinol
        • Vitamin b1 or thiamin
        • Vitamin b2 or riboflavin
        • Vitamin b3 or pp or niacine
        • Vitamin b5 or pantothenic acid
        • Vitamin b6 or pyridoxine
        • Vitamin b8 or h or biotin
        • Vitamin b9 or folic acid
        • Vitamin b12 or cobalamin
        • Vitamin c or ascorbic acid
        • Vitamin d or calciferol
        • Vitamin e or tocopherol
        • Vitamin k
      • Fats, oils
        • Derivatives of fatty acid
        • Fats
        • Fats collected on a specified support
        • Peanut oil
        • Argan oil
        • Rapeseed oil (canola oil)
        • Coconut oil
        • Linseed oil
        • Corn oil
        • Walnut oil
        • Olive oil
        • Palm oil
        • Grape seed oil
        • Castor oil
        • Sesame oil
        • Soybean oil
        • Sunflower oil
        • Animal oils
        • Other edible oils
      • Fats, oils
        • Lecithin
      • Fish, molluscs, crustaceans and/or fishery products
        • Molluscs
        • Crustaceans
        • Fish
        • Fishery products
      • Milk and dairy product
        • Powdered milk products (lactates,…)
        • Milk
        • Cheese ingredients
        • Butters
        • Cheese
        • Dairy products (fresh cheese, yogurt)
        • Cream
      • Sugar
        • Sugar
      • Meat
        • Other meat
        • Rabbit
        • Sheep
        • Pork
        • Red meat
        • poultry
    • Intermediate foodstuffs (PAI)
      • Vacuum-packed products
        • Organic dried fruit, nuts and seeds.
        • Vegetables in bag, and fresh pre-cutted fruits
        • Pasta
      • Part-processed products
        • Breadcrumbs
        • Sauces, bouillons et sauces bases
        • Prepared meat product
        • Processed cheese
      • Powder mixtures
        • Sauces
        • Cream, pudding
        • Pastry
        • Baked goods
        • Bread, bread flour
      • Cooking preparations
        • Preparation of egg products
        • Cream puffs
        • Biscuit pastry
      • The ready-to-use products
        • Decorations, toppings and garniture
      • Frozen products
        • Fruits, vegetables and herbs
        • Meat
        • Frozen pastry
      • Pre-cooked products
        • Cooked dishes
      • Unprocessed fresh produce
        • Meat
        • Fruits and vegetables
        • Poisson - seafood
      • Dehydrated or freeze-dried products
        • Mushrooms
        • Fruits and vegetables
        • Tea
        • Coffee
        • Corn flakes
        • Powder milk
  • Service providers
    • Press
      • Editor
        • Editor
      • Press
        • Press
    • Quality
      • Control and manufacturing expertise
        • Services of traceability
        • Equipment for control and analysis laboratories
        • Sampling, sample collection
        • On-line measurements
        • Industrial computing, industrial it
      • Hygiene, cleaning
        • Cleaning companies
        • Cleaning machines, products and disinfectants
        • Hygienic design
        • Legionellosis disinfection
        • Bacteriological treatment for industrial rinsing and process water
        • Cleaning for ground service equipment
        • Cleaning and sterilization for tools, parts
        • Security, health and safety, environmental protection
        • Automatic industrial washers
        • Cip cleaning
        • Desinsectisation products, equipment,…
    • Services
      • Engineering, design offices, consulting, expertise
        • Engineering companies
        • Design offices
        • Consulting cabinets
        • Design and construction of a new plant.
      • Local/regional authorities, chambers of industry and commerce, funding
        • Chambers of industry and commerce
        • Local/regional authorities
        • Banks, funding
        • Organizational consulting services
      • Skills development and training activities
        • Regulatory training
        • Technical training
      • Computer, network, software, it
        • Website creation and maintenance
        • Financial management software package.
      • Maintenance, maintenance work, steel manufacturing
        • Maintenance and repair of technical equipment and installations
        • Sheet metal forming, pipework, sheet metal working
        • General mechanical engineering and precision machining
      • Security of material, immaterial goods, protection of individuals
        • Collective and individual protection
        • Equipment for human protections
        • Safety material and equipment
        • Equipment for industrial protection of equipment or products
        • Sound signals and optical signs
        • Material, equipment
        • Order transmission systems, intercom systems and headsets…
        • Surface treatments
        • Thermal treatment
        • Purchase, lease, rental of professional clothing.
      • Specific service for industry
        • Sound insulation and room acoustics consultancy services.
        • Laser cutting
        • Generators
        • Rental of various equipment
      • University, research laboratories
        • University, high schools
        • R&d laboratories and research institutes
      • Responsible treatment, disposal and recovery of waste, environment
        • Recovery and recycling of waste
        • Purification station, treatment plans. product for…
        • Treatment of soil
        • Methanization
        • Waste treatment and disposal
        • Water treatment plant
        • Screening, sedimentation, sieving
        • Equipment and products for wastewater treatment facilities
        • Collection, transportation, storage of waste
        • Waste compactor

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Hall/Stand: 2 - F9

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Equipment & Processes

2AR Group is a national group distributing IoT solutions and industrial communication.


Hall/Stand: 6 - A11

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Equipment & Processes

Specialist in stainless steel cylinders, 3A Industrie supports you from the design to the realization of your hydraulic systems. To the models or according to your specifications, the assemblies are manufactured in the workshops located in Brest. 3A industrie is distinguished by its expertise in the manufacture of stainless steel cylinders, hand pumps and foot pumps running on water, oil and FLUIDHABIO, under high and low pressure.


Hall/Stand: 5 - D10

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Equipment & Processes

Manufacture, sale of bulk handling accessories


Hall/Stand: 10 - F4

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Packing & Conditionning

4B Packaging is specialized in the design, manufacture and printing of all types of labels. For all your needs as well as all your specific labeling applications, 4B Packaging finds the best solution for you.


Hall/Stand: 7 - D9

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Equipment & Processes
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

A2TI line is composed by depalletiser, can seamer, capper, piston filler, telescopic filler, invertor, peeling machine, centifugal extractor, conveyor, pneumatic transport, concentrator, multi decorer, whashing, spin dryer, slicer; Fresh cut

A3D Concept

Hall/Stand: 6 - A2.D3

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Equipment & Processes

A3D Concept is a design office specializing in industrial and process environment design. Its main assets are the modeling and animation of 3D plans from the preliminary project to the implementation. It also offers measurement with a 3D laser scanner.


Hall/Stand: 9 - D5

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Packing & Conditionning

We design and produce thermoformed packaging, for food, chocolate, perfumery, games and industry. Food tray, chocolate mold, packaging cell, handling tray ... according to your specifications while respecting the regulations. We realize your project in 4 weeks. We have a modern machine: 7 thermoformers and 5 robots for series from 1000 to few million pieces. High level of quality and service. We have a compostable material, 100% recyclable, containing 94% recycled.


Hall/Stand: 4 - B23

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Ingredients & Intermediate food products

AB Mauri France is today one of the leaders in the market of yeast (second supplier) both with French industrial bakeries and distributors supplying craft bakers. She owns 30% of the French yeast market. For its customers it is a reliable and recognized supplier thanks to investments in its factories and its dedicated and reactive teams. AB Mauri offers industrial bakeries tailor made ingredients, Clean Label also available as well as a full range of yeasts (block, crumbled or liquid) suitable for all types of products and manufacturing processes. The company also offers innovations in terms liquid yeast and bakery ingredients.


Hall/Stand: 10 - G22

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Packing & Conditionning

Study, realization and installation of conveying and handling systems, automation, robotics and computerization of production units in the food industry and industry. AB Process Ingénierie is an industrial automation and robotic systems integrator. We design, manufacture and install high-performance, bespoke, turnkey automation solutions for production lines. We establish long-term partnerships with our customers and support you at all stages of your project, from defining your needs, to the commissioning stage, and then for the maintenance of your installation.


Hall/Stand: 4 - B46

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Ingredients & Intermediate food products

AB Technologies is the specialist in the cheese solution for Food industry. With 3 plants, the group is an expert in ingredient cheese solution in Europe, allowing it to become a leader in this market. Certified BRC Grade A, AB Technologies focus its development efforts by quality and also by environmental aspects with its eco-citizen approach.


Hall/Stand: 3 - D18.F17

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Equipment & Processes

ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.


Hall/Stand: 2 - A3

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Equipment & Processes

ABCIS industries is dedicated to industrial process optimization for the food industry. Proud of its 25 people team, including the design office, the company design, produce and install cutting edge process solutions. Even if the company is mainly active in France, several projects have been developed abroad (USA, Seychelles, Korea)


Hall/Stand: 7 - B40.C41

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Equipment & Processes

The Breton Association of Agri-Food Companies (ABEA) is the professional representative of the Breton food industry, committed to the creation of economic and human values. Being part of the ABEA network is ... - Institutional support Find support from the professional representative of the Breton food industry, legitimate from regional and national institutions. - The strength of the collective Pool skills and experience to find innovative solutions and develop the competitiveness of businesses and their economic and social influence. - Pragmatic solutions Benefit from a range of programs, events and tools related to the operational and strategic challenges of the sector.


Hall/Stand: 8 - C23

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Equipment & Processes

Alternatives to chimical products since 1985: UV treatment for air - Control of flying insects by UV - Water treatment by UV


Hall/Stand: 9 - C38

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Packing & Conditionning

Cardboard tubes and cores for the plastic film, paper, textile and non-woven industries, labels and adhesives . Cardboard drums or kraft drums: open top fibre drum, ecological packaging designed to package solid, pasty or liquid products for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Cardboard angles, cardboard corners to protect packaging. New product Multifold Carboard Corner 11 production plants: 7 in Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Romania), 4 in North America (USA, Canada).


Hall/Stand: 6 - A2.D3

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Equipment & Processes

ACCEIS is a center of expertise in cybersecurity created in 2015 in Rennes. We are also a CESTI laboratory, with the ANSSI security visa. ACCEIS offers a personalized service offering based on 4 complementary components: advice, technical audits, governance and information management. This panoramic expertise in cybersecurity enables ACCEIS to implement a pragmatic approach guided by real risks, technological constraints and operational imperatives of its clients. The ACCEIS team, made up of 20 multidisciplinary cybersecurity experts, is able to intervene both on demanding technical missions as well as on high-stakes organizational and strategic subjects.


Hall/Stand: 10 - D35

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Packing & Conditionning

Manufacturer and designer for ten years of equipment for packaging liquid and semi-liquid products. ACE Solutions offers machines and packaging lines for containers from 0ml up to 25L : We can offer you : Filler, capper, labeling machine up to rates of 7200 Fl / h.


Hall/Stand: 5 - E3

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Equipment & Processes
Pays de la Loire

Acemia Industrie has specialized for 30 years in the design and manufacturing of hygienic conveying solutions, including divergers, convergers, elevators, flow optimization, complete or partial lines, for raw products and packed products, accross all food industries : meat, poultry, fish, bread / pastries, ready meals, snaking, fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc. Visit to discover some of our achievements and range of solutions. Under our brand ACINOX, we offer a wide range of hygiene solutions in production plants : acces cleaning solutions, compulsory hand disinfection, boots washer, siphons, grates, drains, lifting equipments, distributors, etc. For more information, visit


Hall/Stand: 5 - F23.E20

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Equipment & Processes

ACFRI is the french manufacturer, specialist of blast chillers and Deep freezers in mechanical cold. We develop an exclusive technology, which guarantees a perfect homogeneity of the air flow & T°C in our equipment’s. The ACFRI factory manufacture more than 100 models of blast chillers or shock freezers, for all the capacities, from 10kg to 800kg per cycle. Our ranges are presented in 2 catalogs : Catering range & Bakery range. Our equipment are versatile, and make possible several processes : Blast chilling, Deep freezing, Stiffening, Crust freezing and Thawing. Our know-how, expertise, and technical approach already convinced our customers from the 5 continents and from every sector : Meat, Poultry & seafood industries, Institution kitchens, Bakery, Medical.


Hall/Stand: 8 - A24

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Equipment & Processes
France Located in Evreux (Normandy, France), ACIM JOUANIN manufactures electric heating elements used in a multitude of industrial applications (food, packaging, plastics, aeronautics, railway...): band heaters, cartridge heaters, flexible heaters, strip heaters, infrared emitters, sensors, convectors, ovens, infrared tunnels... These electrothermal assemblies can heat solids, liquids (water, acids...), or air. Products designed and manufactured in France ; unit piece or large series ; standard or customised products ; available stock of 100,000 references ; 48-hour express service ; average manufacturing time of 2 or 3 weeks ; optimal manufacturing quality are the words that characterise us!


Hall/Stand: 5 - F3

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Equipment & Processes

ACM, thanks to its years of experience, innovative developments and genuine customer interest, designs and manufactures industrial production equipment for the agro-food sector. Our adaptability allows us to meet your specifications and your quality and results requirements. We are therefore able to supply stand-alone machines or to design and manufacture complete, turnkey production lines. ACM offers solutions from A to Z. We also ensure the maintenance of our equipment as well as any modification services (retrofit, replacement), as part of the evolution of your processes.


Hall/Stand: 6 - B15

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Equipment & Processes

ACO France designs, produces and offers innovative and sustainable solutions for water cycle management, meeting the highest quality and hygiene standards. With 40 years of experience, ACO is a leader player in the field of water and is recognized for the protection of the environment, for the improvement of hygiene in buildings, for comfort and safety. Each drainage solution is to provide maximum, optimal lifespan and durability. In the agri-food industry, ACO HygieneFirst meets the highest standard of hygiene by preventing contamination of raw materials and finished products, facilitating cleaning and maintenance, and improving the safety of the Staff.


Hall/Stand: 6 - C19

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Equipment & Processes

Manufacturer of technical doors and wall protections for sensitive areas such as the food industry, clean rooms and medical. All doors signed Acora meet the requirements of the markets but also the needs of the end customer who can personalize them by the options, colors… We also manufacture different protections in pvc but especially in polyethylene, either standard according to our ranges or entirely personalized according to requests client.


Hall/Stand: 8 - B42

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Equipment & Processes


Hall/Stand: 6 - B24

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Equipment & Processes

Acsystem is a Rennes-based company, expert in analysis and control of systems whose activity has developed around a set of skills: • Automatic: design of control systems. • Data: AI, machine learning, data processing, signal processing, digital optimization and scientific IT. Acsystem works with its clients as an outsourced research and development service by providing its expertise in modeling, simulation and algorithm development.

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Product name
3D Animation of process

Company: A3D Concept
Hall/Stand: 6 - A2.D3

Equipment & Processes

3D animation sets in motion the industrial processes and workstations with the aim of transforming the industrial project into a playful and comprehensible of all support. 
Better understood, the project is better accepted by all and the problems in commissioning related to the lack of projection are largely limited.
It also enables ergonomists to optimise their job design proposals and equipment manufacturers to make their commercial supports more impactful.

Product name

Hall/Stand: 4 - B46

Ingredients & Intermediate food products

Our 100% clean processed cheese is a 0 additive processed cheese resulting from a dual technology of curdling and spinning of a coagulum. It is produced only from dairy ingredients and is free of colorants, preservatives, acidifiers, and flavor enhancers or antioxidants. Our product thus perfectly meets the expectations of our time in terms of authenticity and healthy food. Available in different formats such as bar, block or log, it allows all innovations in food industry applications and will satisfy the creativity of marketing and R&D departments.