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Agro Factory of the Future - Combine sobriety and performance

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Today, there are many challenges for companies in France’s leading industrial sector. While the energy crisis is having a direct impact on their daily lives and has consequences at many levels, water stress and widespread commodity price inflation are real, LPNs are more than ever looking for solutions
It is then to respond to this need and present the possible innovative solutions that will change the daily life of the plant that the CFIA has decided to dedicate the theme of its flagship animation «L'Usine Agro du Futur» to the following theme: “Balance sobriety and performance”. It will be addressed through a showroom with different demonstrators, start-ups offering innovative solutions but also a partner space

Organised in partnership with Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI), Valorial and the Association bretonne des entreprises agroalimentaires (ABEA). 

Three poles are presented during the three days of the show

In addition to this space:



Through animations and demonstrators, several technologies and service offerings will be presented on this space to help Breton agri-food manufacturers find solutions to improve their energy efficiency, to optimize their water consumption, to prevent the risks of TMS, to find solutions in terms of traceability and food safety or to imagine new models inspired by the economy of functionality and cooperation.
The SHOWROOM offers demonstrations around 6 themes:

Energy efficiency

How to reduce energy bills and support industrialists in their efforts to save money?


Demonstrator 1: Digital technology at the heart of your energy saving strategy

Concept Maintenance

Demonstrator 2: Energy and environmental supervision of the “Agro-Factory of the Future” plateau



Solutions for reducing and optimizing water consumption, specifically in the cleaning of extremely consumer means of production.

Demonstrator: Optimization of cleaning programs in place (CIP)




Human dimension – prevention of MSDs

Innovative solutions to prevent MSDs, to enable agri-food companies to influence their performance, the retention of their employees

Demonstrator No. 1: "Taking action to prevent, improve performance and appeal"

Demonstrator 2: Industrie 5.0: a cobot in co-activity with an operator

Traceability & Food Safety

Technological solutions of traceability and safety that allow to move towards more sobriety and performance.

Demonstrator #1 - Food traceability - Reconciling cost price, eco-design and transparency of a product for the consumer

Demonstrator #2: Food Safety - eyeCLEAN - Foreign Object Detection



New Business Models - Waste Reuse and Storage

Questioning and rethinking economic models through the approaches of the Economy of Functionality and Cooperation to counter energy and ecological crises.


Demonstrator n°1: Recycling of glassine from the labeling process


Demonstrator 2: Glass bottle delivery, a new territorial approach


CEA Tech Bretagne: disruptive technologies for the food industry

CEA Tech Bretagne works at the service of Breton agribusiness manufacturers to transfer disruptive technologies at the service of their sustainability (environmental, societal, economic) and competitiveness.




For the 4th time at the CFIA, the partners of the Usine Agro du Futur are offering a FoodTech Village. It brings together a dozen startups and innovative companies that exhibit for the first time on the show. These companies present new solutions to address the problem of "Combine sobriety and performance".



Fermentation process to transform agri-food waste into hydrogen production


Digital transformation expertise; the connected button for industry


Air and/or water defragmentation washing system drastically reducing water consumption



Manufacture and marketing of equipment for phase separation of any liquid solution


Experts in Industrial Vision & Robotics

Comprehensive and innovative software solutions and business applications to help companies optimize and improve their internal processes.


Highly accurate measurement data exploitation software by 3D laser survey (point cloud)

Innovative and gourmet products based on Breton seaweed





The Usine Agro du Futur plateau brings together Breton and Western players who support agri-food companies in their innovation projects.  These experts are grouped under the "Innovation Hub" division.




In addition to this space, 2 highlights are to be discovered


A morning of conferences

A morning of conferences dedicated to the theme "Agro Factory of the Future - Reconcile sobriety and performance" will take place on Wednesday 15 March. With the exceptional presence in introduction of Loïg Chesnais-Girard, president of the Brittany region, but also the intervention of key players such as the Carsat and the Agence de L'Eau.

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innovation tour process

Innovations tours

During 3 days, an expert will guide you through a tour dedicated to "Usine Agro du Futur - Conciliez sobriety et performance" to discover the innovations of exhibitors in terms of equipment & processes.

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